lördag 3 november 2012

EF and OF masses compared

Books have been written on this subject but the most obvious differences are
  1. The Mass is usually said in the vernacular *
  2. Vesting and recitation of the Judica me verses takes place in the sacristy instead of in the church.
  3. The Proper is replaced by hymns. *
  4. The priest faces the congregation instead of facing in the same direction as the congregation.
  5. Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison are each repeated twice instead of three times. *
  6. There are two readings before the Gospel instead of three.
  7. The readings are to a three-year cycle instead of a one-year cycle.
  8. A responsorial Psalm usually replaces the Gradual verses. *
  9. The prayers over the preparation of the gifts are different.
  10. There are four alternative Canons of the Mass instead of just the one, which is now the Eucharistic Prayer option number one.
  11. The Canon of the Mass is recited aloud instead of almost silently.
  12. There is an acclamation after the consecration.
  13. The Our Father is recited by the congregation instead of by the priest alone.
  14. The Sign of Peace is exchanged between members of the congregation. *
  15. The second confession before reception of communion is omitted.
  16. The "Domine non sum dignus" (Lord I am not worth to receive you) is said once instead of three times.
  17. Communion is usually received standing and in the hand instead of on the tongue, whilst kneeling. *
  18. Communion is received under both kinds. *
  19. The Last Gospel (John 1 : 1-18 is omitted).
The above are the changes most apparent to anyone in the congregation.The items marked with an asterisk are optional though usual rather than mandatory ie the OF Mass may be said in Latin with the chanted responses with communion being received under one kind, on the tongue and whilst kneeling.

There is no doubt that the OF Mass is valid but the question that still remains to be answered is what was the reason for these changes? They add nothing and take away much.

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Fr Ray Blake sa...

Yes, but the most important change is one of the heart.
In the EF those attending came convinced that they came as intercessors, to join Christ in his intercessory and propitiatory role - his priestly role. this is really lacking in the OF.

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