fredag 13 januari 2012

Tesco in trouble

Apparently Tesco is in trouble. This might explain why. I doubt if I am unusual here. My order of preference for food shopping in central Brighton is
  1. Infinity Foods, a local wholefood/organic food workers' co-operative
  2. Co-op, good offers and own products, but poor stock management and seems disorganised, and nasty music at times
  3. Sainsburys, quite good all-round but nothing special.
  4. Marks and Spencer, consistent quality, good offers but shop is too big for shopping for just a few items and long waiting times, pleasant ambience.
  5. Morrisons, good range, friendly helpful staff, atrocious auto-checkouts and nasty disco-music
  6. Tesco, have taken over some historic buildings and ruined them, poor range of goods, things are often not in stock, staff are surly, unpleasant ambience.

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