onsdag 3 augusti 2011

The logic of permanent war

The little intervention in Libya to get rid of a dictator who is mad, bad and ludicrous has now turned into a small war. Why is anyone surprised at this?

Bombs, once manufactured, have to be used, otherwise stockpiles build up and they have to be expensively stored. Since the companies who produce the things are not going to shut down their factories and let their valuable investment go for scrap, constant war is a logical policy.

War also has the advantage of keeping other news from public attention and directs comment away from the incompetence of politicians. Governments in countries which do not have the option of running wars on a perpetual basis must keep their constituents satisfied by doing their job reasonably well.

2 kommentarer:

Robin Smith sa...

Funny as I was thinking about why all modern nations seem to be in a permanent state of preparation to war. No one ever relaxes or has a real life.

Yet all nations know each other today and know they do not mean any harm to each other.

So why are we always preparing for war.

Maybe you have it.

The Bones sa...

It makes perfect sense...to the psychopaths running the country!

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