söndag 8 maj 2011

Will Hutton should read the paper he writes for

Will Hutton, has written a piece in the Observer, arguing that Britain needs an economic vision. He should read the Guardian more. The economic vision starts with the ideas of Henry George as explained in articles such as this one.


This policy was embedded in the constitution of the Liberal Party but it forgot about it after world war 2, lost its way and embraced Keynes. From there it was a logical step towards the soggy centre of social democracy, and was always vulnerable to be blown in any direction. Guided only by notions of fairness and a desire to be nice people (and most of its members seem to be), the LibDems, lacks any firm principles to which it can hold on to and was bound in the end to be sucked into whatever project one or other of the big parties was running at the time, as it happens, the neo-libertarian tory one.

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