söndag 30 augusti 2009

Is swine flue the work of the Holy Spirit?

Today at Mass we were told that, to prevent the spread of swine flue, we were not to make the sign of peace, that only the Body of Christ would be distributed at Holy Communion, and not the Blood of Christ, and that Communion would be given on the tongue, not in the hand.

Good. Is it too much to hope that this will be the last we shall see of these three practices, seeing that the Vatican has now come round to expressing its disapproval?

What next? Can we expect to be asked to receive Communion whilst kneeling, to avoid infection? Should the Priest not be facing the same way as the congregation (ad orientem), again, to avoid infection? And would it not reduce the risk of infection if the Canon of the Mass was recited silently?

And whilst on health and safety matters, should the altar rails go back so as to get rid of the trip hazard due to the sanctuary step? Otherwise the step will have to be marked with yellow tape which would not be nice.

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Symeon sa...

Are you sure about the Communion in the hand thing? He didn't say that at the 7pm mass (which was said by f. T.U.).

But I am sure the silent Canon ad orientem would reduce infections :P

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