tisdag 3 juni 2008

The Silver Bullet

Silver bullet
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The world is no closer to consigning poverty to history. Why is there still poverty - from whole countries of the poor "south", to the ghettos and trailer parks of the wealthy USA and the depressed estates of the UK? Good intentions, rhetoric, pity and media expressions of outrage have achieved nothing. People now say there is no silver bullet. High profile pop star circuses by people like Bono and Geldof have scarcely scratched the surface of the problem. Neither have the heavyweight programmes of international aid or development agencies.

Every human in the world has an equal right to a good life. There is plenty of wealth in this world. Why then, are so many poor, even in "wealthy countries"?

According to economist Fred Harrison, there is only one way to kill poverty...

It is described in his latest book, The Silver Bullet, available from Amazon. Expect an incisive analysis and a prescription that would address the key factor that all the other experts ignore.

Illustration : artwork / graphic by Michael Whitehead for Next 16-9-2003.
Shows a silver bullet / speeding bullet

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