onsdag 12 september 2007

Catholic Superstition

Ängelholm pilgrimage 028
Originally uploaded by [florestan].

This illustrates the core of Catholic superstition. The priest is holding up what is known as the Blessed Sacrament. It is just a piece of bread that a Catholic priest has pronounced the words of consecration over. According to Catholic doctrine, it has become the Body of Christ, that is, God.

My nice rational friend told me that, chemically, it is unchanged. I suggested that it cannot be proved that it is still in the same quantum state. I have not received a response.

Chemical states, quantum states or whatever are, in truth irrelevant. I am happy to accept the Catholic doctrine on this matter. There are some things one knows, like relationships, for example, without having to have them explained by rational argument. This is one of them.

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