torsdag 17 maj 2007

Orc Breeding Programme

The new government guidelines on embryo experimentation are being sold on the idea they will help scientists to produce a cure for a terrible disease. But sooner or later someone is going keep one of these, for example, pig-human, embryos a bit longer than the guidelines state, just to see what will happen. And a bit longer still. And after 22 weeks the embryo is viable and could be brought to full term. In fact, it might have happened already. What happens then?

Tolkien was criticised for writing fiction, but this sounds not entirely dissimilar to the way orcs were bred. Very useful, too, they would be, for doing boring or dangerous jobs, or military use. Correctly programmed, they could be relied on not to go on strike for better pay or conditions.

But it is OK because the new rules might help scientists find a cure for Alzheimer's disease.

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