fredag 27 april 2007

Vote Blue go Green

The Conservatives have just been handing out a newsheet, mysteriously called "The Moon", to show how they have changed. It urges, "vote Blue go Green". There is some handy advice on energy saving, for example by turning down the heating, though there is nothing about cutting down on travelling by car.

They hit out at stealth taxes and the Council Tax, without saying what they will put in their place. They promise more prisons and police.

The newsheet warns of punishing new taxes which will hit "hard-pressed families and pensioners". It's funny how the copywriters have latched on to this phrase, presumably to differentiate them from lazy feckless single people who deserve our opprobrium. These threatened taxes will also leave tax exiles and non-domiciled residents unaffected, but it would not do to draw attention to the privilege they enjoy, still less to promise to do something about the situation.

It is depressing to think that this is the only realistic alternative to New Labour.

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