måndag 5 februari 2007

160,000 turkeys slaughtered to slow bird flu epidemic

Wild Turkey Tom
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If you keep large numbers of turkeys or any other animal crowded together in a heated shed, you can guarantee that any infection will spread fast.

I am not a vegetarian but I cannot possibly enjoy eating an animal that I know has had a miserable life. But leaving aside issues of animal welfare, it is a big risk you are taking by "farming" in this way.

But now that bird flu infection has struck, and 160,000 birds have had to be killed, the taxpayer will pick up the bill for compensation. Thus, all of us, including "hard-working families" are being made to underwrite cruel husbandry. If the farmers had to carry their own risk through commercial insurance, these animal Auschwitzes would become uneconomic and shut down. Isn't DEFRA wonderful?

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