tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Apple win a phyrric victory

It strikes me as odd that the US patent office grants patents on things that are obvious. However, this should rebound on Apple. This kind of thing is a PR disaster for a start. I had an Apple computer and gave it away in the end. I could never work out where it was putting my stuff and what it was doing with it, which meant that I could not back it up. The devices themselves are difficult to repair. I stick to Lenovo for portable computing and am still on an X61 (above). A discreet, robust and functional design and main components such as the disk drive, CD reader and keyboard are easily replaced. You can get one on ebay for about £150, max out the memory, officially 4Gb but actually 8Gb, load with the latest Linux and away you go.

I never thought much of the iphone and its clones anyway. Fragile vulnerable screen. Miniature touch-screen qwerty keyboard? How stupid is that?

I hope that other manufacturers will rise to the challenge and come up with more robust devices with better ergonomics.

lördag 25 augusti 2012

Music for confirmation

The good news is that the bishop is coming tomorrow to confirm about twenty young people. This is the music that ought to be sung for the occasion but sadly will not be.

Factus est repente

Veni Creator Spiritus

måndag 20 augusti 2012

Protestant sounds from the Catholic church

I was late for mass this morning. This is the music I could hear from outside the church.

It is "Tell out my soul" by Henry Greatorex. It is a perfectly nice hymn. But it is resolutely protestant in mood. You would not think you were passing a Catholic church if that was the sound you heard coming out of it.

This is the music that should have been sung at the start of the service yesterday.

Anyone outside the church would be in no doubt that it was a Catholic church when they heard it.

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