fredag 28 januari 2011

Where I should have been last night

I had intended to be back on my way to Sweden this week but it just has not worked out as various things have got in the way. Next month I hope...

fredag 14 januari 2011

The East End's Olympic hopes are being dashed

So runs an article in today's Guardian. The wonder is that anyone really believed that there would be some kind of trickle-down for the hard-up residents of the depressed part of London where the stadium would be built.

Competitive sport as we know it today was invented in the late nineteenth century, growing out of the social-Darwinist paradigm. The mindset behind it is essentially fascistic and it is no coincidence that totalitarian regimes have been outstanding in promoting it.

The British bid was part of the drive towards the grandiose, which characterises British politics, regardless of which party is in power. Partly it reflects the wider delusion that the country is still a great power

If one wants to develop the infrastructure of a run down area, the investment must be carefully tailored to the circumstances. It will not be if the primary purpose is a big sports complex. That will leave little in the way of useful legacy.

A further factor is that we don't know how to pay for infrastructure. The taxpayers' money goes in and it ends up in higher rents and property prices for some lucky landowners to make off with. And it is all a bonanza for the big civil engineering consultancies and contractors.

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söndag 2 januari 2011

Wise men arrive four days early

Epiphany mosaic, originally uploaded by Lawrence OP.

We celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany today, four days early. This is on the instructions of the Catholic bishops of England and Wales. For almost the past 2000 years, it has been celebrated twelve days after Christmas Day, on 6th January, known as Twelfth Night.

This kind of nonsense does not enhance respect for the said Bishops.

UK productivity questions

The latest UK productivity figures for the first three months of 2018 are not good, prompting the usual recriminatory comments. However, the...